Thriving in Hard Mode: How Biohacking and Mindset Shifts Can Transform Stress into Success

Is it possible to play the game of life in hard mode for 10 years without being stressed all the time? I think it is possible. Over a decade of startup entrepreneurship has plunged me into countless scenarios, lessons, and challenges—some of which felt like mental battles.

Thankfully, my interest in the psychology of performance maximization and my interest in biohacking to influence my body’s stress levels has been a game-changer.

Biohacking can mean various things, but for me, it’s a way to increase the energy and vitality of the body. It's about enhancing my performance. My job demands relentless work marathons and navigating through deal negotiations, sales pitches, customer dialogues and rejections. Strengthening my mental and physical resilience makes these obstacles manageable.

Pioneers in the field of human performance maximization, such as Tony Robbins and Joe Dispenza, have shown that it's possible to recalibrate our physical and psychological states. This recalibration involves straightforward steps:

1) Defining a clear purpose for our actions. Understanding our “why”. Reminding ourselves of things that drive us and get us through the hard times.

2) Cultivating a positive mindset and reshaping our self-perception. We are the story we tell ourselves and we can change that story anytime.

3) Energizing our bodies through physical movement. Being pumped up when we’re working, even if we have nothing specific to be pumped up about. Simple things like putting on some music and putting our arms up in the air for a few seconds.

 4) Honing our communication skills to better articulate ourselves. The better we can communicate, the more likely other people are going to understand us. Nootropics like Bacopa Monnieri and Alpha Brain improve cognitive performance and communication skills.

5) Embracing opportunities wholeheartedly, akin to advancing in a video game. Ever think of a new idea to make something or solve a problem? It’s like the universe giving you a video game bonus or power-up. Go after it hard. Use those moments of inspiration to drive you and drop everything and get to work.

6) Adopting a beginner's mindset to continuously look for ways to improve things around us and our work process. Not being afraid to change course when what we are doing isn’t working.

7) Prioritizing our health and vitality, incorporating exercise, and for me personally supplements like Ashwagandha, Magnesium, and Theanine to maintain low stress levels, alongside Valerian root for quality sleep.

8) Offering to give back to others, even when we feel we have the least to give, echoing Tony Robbins’ belief in the power of giving, even through simple acts of kindness.

By creating an environment that strengthens our mental and physical fortitude, we can better appreciate our life’s journey. After all, it's the experiences along the way, not just the destination, that truly matter.