About me

I am a serial tech entrepreneur for over 10 years and the founder of Shifthive. Shifthive uses the world's most advanced workforce scheduling AI algorithms to auto-generate & optimize schedules (used at a top 15 U.S. hospital). I am a creative technologist who has been coding since the age of 12. I am passionate about problem solving, UX/UI, design, branding, coding and launching startups from zero to 60.

I previously founded ShiftPosts, an “on-demand” platform that matches pharmacies with pharmacists for shifts across Canada. Prior to that I founded Sixtooth, a full-service design & development agency based in Toronto that tripled revenues every year. I studied Neural Biology & Computer Science at the University of Toronto and left fourth year to pursue entrepreneurship.

In my spare time I enjoy high intensity cardio (beach racketball, skateboarding etc.), meditation, podcasts, spirituality audiobooks, improving my Spanish, listening to countless Marc Andreessen interviews -- and just doing work as I love to be productive.

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