My thoughts on listing your startup as Stealth on social media

Listing your startup as "Stealth" on LinkedIn? It's like birthing a kid and stamping 'Unnamed' on the birth certificate, or dropping an album titled 'Wait for It'.

Here's the deal: When that idea lightning strikes, the name that flashes in your head isn't just a random string of letters. It's the soul of your venture. I don't sit around, pen in hand, brainstorming names. The right name finds me, usually when I'm knee-deep in something else. It's not just a name; it's the first breath of life into your idea. Get that name, and you're not just a concept on paper anymore. You've got something real and tangible.

Looking for a place to start? Pick two words related to the niche or product. Mix them up. Use a thesaurus. Check if the .com or .ai is free. And for the love of brevity, avoid domain names that are a marathon to type.

A killer name, a sharp logo, and a clear concept do more than dress up your startup. They're a beacon for the right crowd - your early team, your first customers, and those investors who get what you're throwing down.

Skip the "Stealth" label. It's a shadow. Name your startup. Give it light. Let it be seen.